Lovely Lemon Bars from Smitten

There's nothing quite like a lovely lemon bar. They were my original obsession at Starbucks (followed by the Black Bottom Cupcake). They've made a return, but only in bite sized portions. I wonder how bad the full bar I was eating back in high school- eep!

These lemon bars are from Smitten Kitchen. They were made for my girlfriend's baby shower.  We're all on edge waiting for the newest edition to the Daniel's clan. We do know it's going to be another little girl. Much to their dismay, they're having a really hard time picking a name. They knocked their first daughter's name out the park... so coming up with one just as good has caused many a painful hour at Barnes and Nobles, flipping through name books, and scribbling on notepads.

All I know is I cannot wait to meet this tiny person. She's going to be blessed with such a beautiful family. In celebration, unnamed baby Daniels, these lemon bars are for you!

What can I say? The recipe is from Smitten so they came out perfect! Everyone at the baby shower was singing their praises which made my imaginary tail wag. The crust is incredibly simple and basic- nothing fancy. It's good old fashioned butter and flour. The filling is decadent and thick. 6 egg yolks tend to have the effect on anything (just like the Rhubars). Plus lemon juice and lemon zest? Oh this is indeed a recipe for trouble. If you're looking for a fantastic lemon bar- I highly recommend!

For the full recipe, check out Smitten Kitchen's post! It will make you as happy as a kitty basking in sunshine.