Peach Bellini Cup

A subject of heated debate in our home has been the wedding cake. First we had to convince my mother that cupcakes are just as a good as a traditional cake. Second, find the perfect shop to make the cupcakes (post to follow). After several trials- we found our winner! And finally, picking an actual flavor. Done! 

Well. Sort of. 

I wanted to make the top cake. You know, the cute little one that the bridal party shares. In my brain, it would be a sweet personal touch. Not everyone shared my opinion that my making the cake was a brilliant idea. By everyone... I mean my entire family plus Mike shouting, "NO!" 

And so, like any healthy couple, Mike and I compromised. His argument was the stress factor. If something should go wrong, he knew I would be one fig short of being a fruit cake. Somehow, I managed to convince him to let me do a trial run! He could time it and everything. Should the slightest detail go wrong, I would throw in the white flag.

A co-worker suggested Peach and Champagne as the flavor since the rest of the cupcakes are plain champagne  It was serendipity that I stumbled (without even searching) upon this Peach Bellini cake recipe. I whipped it up on a Saturday night with an audience of friends as taste testers! 

The verdict? Totally wedding worthy. It's a heavenly cake- light as a cloud when fresh from the oven! I added chopped, frozen peaches to the batter that provided a little surprise in each bite. This was the first time I've used peach shnapps in baking and I was very impressed. A little bit goes a really long way!  

The frosting, however, was a touch too sweet for our likes. I gently scraped it off the outer coat and replaced it with 7 minute meringue frosting. If you're feeling frisky, add a pinch of cinnamon to the mix! This variation was instant success. I can only imagine this at a spring or summer dinner party. Ooo... a little shredded coconut perhaps? 

When we served the left over cake the next day, it had a slightly denser texture from sitting over night. Much to my delight, my mom greatly enjoyed the cake. Victory at last! Then I made the mistake of saying, "good. We're having this at the wedding." In that moment, all air left the room and I saw flames in my mother's eyes. Uh oh. 

Ahem. In conclusion. I will not be making this cake for the wedding. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make it though!

For the Peach Bellini Cake recipe, check out Java Cupcake's yummy blog! If you prefer a lighter, less sweet frosting, I recommend this 7 minute meringue frosting. 

PS. Thanks Colleen for the adorable bear cake stand!!