Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015: Lessons Learned

Just like you, my life has gone through fundamental changes. I would like to say that I handled things with the utmost grace all of the time but that would be lie. There were moments where I wanted to blow up, eat some bons bons, and call it a day. 

At a glance, since 2007...

My parent's got divorced and are now dating new people.
Left my childhood home, moved in with my mother, moved out, and bought Our own place.
Graduated college, made sense of a shattered game plan, worked as a barista/intern/waitress/juvenile detention supervisor/back to intern, to a stable contracting career. 
Friends and family passed away while new members were born. 
Broke up with the high school sweetheart, dated a crazy person, and magically married the man referred to by friends as my "Dream Boat."
Became a wife and gained a whole new family, better known as "in-laws," whom I love.

All these experiences, good and bad, have taught me valuable life lessons and I would like to take a moment to share four of the biggies. These insights help guide my decisions and keep focus of what's really important. I hope that they can be of assistance as you make your 2015 resolutions and beyond.

Sending love and a Happy New Year! To many lessons to come!

1.  Relationships Change
You change ergo the nature of relationships change. These are not over-night transformations; people slowly evolve in their views, passions, beliefs, etc. It's only natural that sometimes these changes don't vibe with the person that you've grown into. Heck, you may wake up one day and think, "holy crap- how am I friends with this guy again?" 

Don't live in the past; cherish the memories and let one another grow- even if it's apart. 

2.  Say No
This is a tricky one to balance.  More often than not, people lack consideration of others in order to obtain what they want. They will use every trick in the book from guilt trips to down right pushiness. I hate the feeling of being cornered in a situation; it's so frustrating. Then I realized, you know what? Bump that. 

It's okay to refuse to be in an uncomfortable situation. Communicate honestly- that means listening as well as sharing. If they care, they will eventually understand your perspective. If not, see Lesson 1.

3.  Be the Example
Here's to you, Purple + Blue, and our awesome trip to Jackson, WY

When the hubby and I walk to the grocery store, we like to bring a plastic bag to gather any litter we see on our way there. How the importance of recycling is lost on most of society is beyond my comprehension; it's the most easy to grasp and fundamental concept for living on Earth. 

Ahem. I was surprised to see our friend Blue picking up trash while we strolled the beauty of Jackson. He shared the idea of "being the example." Maybe, just maybe, someone else will see his actions and when they roll down the window to throw their Big Gulp cup out- they'll think twice. People care. 

It may feel futile, but don't stop trying to be positive influence and person. 

4.  Give
Whatever the form, strive to give. Be it fostering cats, volunteering with children overseas or locally, answering Domestic Abuse Shelter hotlines, giving money, dropping off food that didn't sell at Starbucks, or simply being kind. So often we get wrapped up in ourselves that we forget the rest of the world. Life is not a sitcom with snarky quips ready to pounce at a moment's notice; most of the world needs some form of help. See things through another perspective.

Whatever your motivation - please. Find something bigger than yourself and GIVE.