Fluffy Pancakes

Hooray for snow days! From those of us in Northern Virginia, thank you mother nature for the extra day at home! Granted, I still had to work remotely but at least I got to spend time with the hubby + cats and stay in my cozy flannel pajamas. 

Whenever we work from home together, Mike and I make pancakes for lunch! I already had a list of recipes ready to go on Pinterest. As soon as I showed him the "Mexican Pancakes" and "Black Bean Chocolate Pancakes" he threw a flag on the play. For once, he wanted regular, old-fashioned pancakes. No oats, chia seeds, buckwheat, or coconut milk. He wanted something that Aunt Jemima would serve. 

I almost got him to change his mind with some heavenly tiramisu pancakes (*drool*). Eventually, we both managed to calm ourselves down from the thought of having tiramisu for breakfast and realized that it was...after all... tiramisu for breakfast. That's way too sweet to be an actual meal. Focus, people! Resist the seduction of beautiful, nutritionally-void food.

These pancakes were everything that Mike hoped and dreamed. They're light, fluffy, and simple. He slathered them with maple syrup and enjoyed a side of scrambled eggs with a link of toasted sausage. It doesn't get any more traditional than that! I love my American guy!

Meanwhile... I had to sneak in some bells and whistles. Woopsy. 

My stack of pancakes included slices of banana, toasted walnuts, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of chia seeds on top. Yes, those damn chia seeds had to make their way in there! Mike eyed my plate and shook his head, resigning himself to his crazy wife's ways. 

This recipe yielded five, generously portioned pancakes. I could barely hold down two but that may be because of the additional toppings. They're super easy to make (combine wet, combine dry, mix - done) and would make your mama proud. 

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