Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies - Glutenfree

You know that feeling all too well - that moment when you look into the cupboard and realize, "uh-oh." Either the shelves are barren or that one key ingredient that ties the entire recipe together is missing. It's an opportunity: either you make the journey to the market... or you get wildly creative in the kitchen. There's always the third option of take out but who delivers cookies? 

Yup. The hubby and I wanted to bake chocolate cookies for his mom. The only issue was we were completely out of butter and flour. For seasoned gluten-free chefs, this would be a walk in the park. For me and Mike? This was a serious, "uh oh" moment. 

I searched for gluten-free chocolate cookies and somehow found this uber decadent recipe from Picklee. We're talking knock your socks off rich chocolate goodness. They are not for the faint of heart! I supervised as Mike mixed ingredients and mystified him whipping egg whites into a meringue consistency. It's the small things! These cookies are like mini-flourless cakes in terms of composition - all chocolate and egg. 

The really cool aspect of these cookies is their texture. They have this thin shell of crispiness on top but when you bite down, the center is fudge. These are similar to White on Rice Couple's, Dark Chocolate Crack cookies, but even richer. Mike found them too rich for his blood but he's more of a milk chocolate person. All the same, you definitely need a tall glass of milk to finish one of these bad boys. It takes a single serving to hit chocolate nirvana. 

For the recipe, check out Picklee's post for Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies!