Sunday, October 25, 2015

Buckwheat Banana Bread {Gluten Free}

Once upon a time, I made buckwheat pancakes and my husband reacted lukewarmly. My girlfriend and I, on the other hand, loved them. What was his hang up? The answer was simple: buckwheat. Allegedly, it has an aftertaste that I cannot detect. We had already experienced this phenomenon once before with the Rum-Kissed Banana Butterscotch Cream Tart in a Cocoa-Buckwheat Crust. With an unfinished bag of flour in the kitchen, I wasn't ready to give up on buckwheat.

That's when a few over ripe bananas made me raise an eyebrow. Could they cover this "after taste" that I kept hearing complaints questions about? It was worth a shot and oh buddy, did I find a winning recipe!

I've made my fair share of banana bread but nothing quite likes this version from Joyous Health! Ignoring the buckwheat factor all together, this fierce loaf is distinct because it doesn't rely on loads of sugar, chocolate chips, or nuts for its flavor.  It uses a smexy smidge of cardamom to create a whole new creature. I can't really explain it but I will do my best.

The texture is super light and airy. You can barely tell its on the plate. It smells totally aromatic, especially when you incorporate maple syrup for a touch of sweetness. My favorite cheat? Use maple syrup that is infused with cinnamon or vanilla bean- either is incredible and you'll start putting it on everything. The cardamom isn't overpowering but overwrites any trace of buckwheat with its notes of sweetness, spice, and citrus.  

The real test, naturally, was the hubby's approval. I casually slid him a slice without telling him that there was any buckwheat in the mix. His eyes lit up. It wasn't intended to sway us but we agreed, this is our new favorite banana bread recipe! Simple ingredients. Easy to make. Relatively kind to the conscious. And tasty. Woo hoo!

This recipe for super moist Buckwheat Banana Bread {Gluten Free} is from Joyous Health's Blog. Enjoy!