Caramelized-Honey Brûlée

This little number was made for someone very special, my little Fox. From college room mates to keeping me steady on my wedding day, she has been a constant force in my life. She's one of those friends that you know without a shadow of a doubt will come through and has enough ammunition to make you laugh in any situation. I'm sure am going to miss her as she undertakes a new chapter of life in Boston. But that's the stuff meaningful relationships are made of - appreciating your time together.

And so we made the Fox one of her favorite desserts with a tiny twist. Rather making a standard creme brulée, I made this delicious treat from Bon Appétit. I had actually made it previously for my brother's birthday without a real understanding of how to brulée the top. I kept it in the chamber, knowing that it would be needed another day. 

For all intensive purposes, this a standard brulée recipe but the sugar is replaced with a whopping amount of honey. It is a natural sweetness that makes putting the spoon down difficult. This flavor is easily influenced by the type of honey that you add to the mix and opens a wide range of flavor possibilities. From the powerful taste of buckwheat honey to the subtlety of wildflower, you can make a different flavor every time. Just be careful to adjust according to potency of the honey or it can come out overly sweet.

Another perk of this recipe is the vanilla. It's pretty much a fact of life: vanilla bean makes everything taste better. I keep the emptied pods in the kitchen just to sniff them (too much information?). It is such a distinct element in the kitchen. 

With a lovely caramelized top, friends and family agreed this is a five star dessert all the way. Smooth, creamy, and dreamy. Plus, it's super easy to make - all it takes is whisk and some patience.

The recipe for this exquisite Caramelized-Honey Brûlée is courtesy of Bon Appétit!