Gingerbread Biscotti

Run for your lives! The holidays are upon us! I took a package to the post office this past Saturday morning and instantly regretted the decision. Rookie mistake going anywhere near mail carriers on a holiday weekend but it had to get done. That's why I prefer to hand deliver gifts as much as possible. Abiding that it's not rush hour here in Northern Virginia of course. It's more personal and you get the satisfaction of seeing a reaction. 

These gingerbread biscotti were made as part of a gift basket for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. They are a kick ass animal shelter that helps all walks of life, from birds to doggies and even the occasional rooster. As a volunteer, my appreciation for helping those less fortunate has only grown. They take in any animal that needs help. It's a mission that takes a lot of commitment.

These biscotti are kissed with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. I wouldn't say that the flavor necessarily screams gingerbread but more of a fall spice. It's a hard line to walk. For me, the recipe has to have some molasses incorporated to qualify as gingerbread (see this recipe). 

Regardless. It's a solid cookie that you can roll in a dusting of cinnamon/sugar or smear on a little white chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon. They're easy to make and are great stocking stuffers. I wrapped each biscotti in saran wrap and tied a little bow with bakers twine so that the Animal Control officers could easily grab one when on the go.

Pull up a chair.  Have a cup of coffee (or tea) and relax. Pause. Find what you are grateful for. Hold onto it. And have yourself a merry little Christmas.

The recipe for these Gingerbread Biscotti are from Smitten Kitchen.