Friday, January 15, 2016

Excursions: Spain

This past September, we fulfilled our friend's dream to visit Spain. Brandon fell in love with the country back in high school and its had a hold on his heart ever since, specifically, the Sagrada Familia. And so! With some shoddy planning and straight Airbnb hospitality, we banded together and made the journey across the Atlantic.

Our trip was not one of leisure because we needed to pack as much action into nine days as possible. That's right. Only nine days. We flew into Barcelona, drove to Valencia (my favorite), enjoyed a day trip to Ibiza, and then rushed off to Madrid. It was a whirlwind but we had a blast!

Shout outs to La Pequeña Pastelería de Mamá in Valencia for their sweet hospitality, delicious tea, and excellent chocolate croissant. Taberna Mas Al Sur  in Madrid bestowed us with the best meal of the entire trip and hooked it up with the tiramisu. Not too far,  La Infinito Cafe-Libros-Arte of Madrid had fantastic espresso and was bumping Calle 13 - can never go wrong there. 

For all our enjoyment, it was a unique time to be in Europe with the economy and refugee situation. The homeless in DC are generally associated with mental illness while it was clear Spain's situation was people down on their luck. Dumpster diving was common practice and it was heart breaking to witness such an act as a commonality. Hopefully things will improve soon.

All the same, we are grateful for the opportunity to travel and experience new worlds. Till the next adventure. 

PS. Portuguese paella > Spanish paella