Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Healthier Banana Bread

Enjoy a slice of banana bread with a little less guilt. This banana bread from Cookie + Kate is engineered to be healthier thanks to the lack of granulated sugar. Instead, the sweetness comes from maple syrup - one of my favorite ingredients. There's no buttery richness but that's okay - you won't even notice because of the banana's natural creaminess. Use the oil of your choice (or fully embrace olive oil with this recipe). And as for the flour, this recipe incorporates whole wheat rather than all-purpose. The only minor addition that I made was this happy sprinkling of chia seeds on top of the loaf. I like the crunch that they add and they help fill you up!

It's easy to make and quick to bake. Well not really - it takes almost an hour. But it's delicious with tons of customization options to make it vegan, gluten-free, and/or dairy-free. It's incredibly versatile so make it your own! I personally love walnuts with bananas and threw in a couple handfuls.

So take those sad, brown bananas wasting away on the kitchen counter and mash them up into something delicious, filling, and perfect for breakfast!

The recipe for this Healthier Banana Bread can be found on Cookie + Kate!