Baby Daniels & Mama Kang's Oreo Mint Nibs

This past weekend, I attended the Daniels baby shower. Plenty of good food and even better company. We kicked it in the back yard with some beats floating in the summer air. I chased after their handsome cat, Othello, and Jess' sister's dog, Sunny. It was a delightful, chill evening.

Congratulations Jess and Erik! Your daughter is blessed to have you as parents. Jess can change a car tire in stilettos while wearing a white business suit and not get it dirty. Erik can remodel an entire townhouse from dry wall to demolition without breaking a sweat. You're both brilliant and kind. I just hope she gets Jess's eyes. No offense Erik- but you cannot compete with that green.

Jess made delicious mint tea. Part tea, part earl grey, very yummy. One of the ladies present is an actual chef that studied in France so you know I was trying to mooch what knowledge I could from her! I was eager to share what I made and then realized... I forgot the cooler full of food. Thanks mom for coming to my rescue!

I baked some Rhubars... then made another batch because the first was not 'pink' enough for public display. A pitcher of Raspberry Lemonade and a heaping of Mama Kang's Oreo Mint Nibs for good measure.

Ah yes.... Mama Kang's Oreo Mint Nibs. Every time I go to my boy Peter's house, his mom serves these delicious, addictive, sinful nibs. They're bite size and perfect for parties. You can make them in all sorts of varieties. I used Andes mints, but you can substitute by using half regular oreo and half mint oreo. Whichever works for you! Plus, you only need 4 ingredients. Special thanks to Peter for hooking me up with the recipe. Make these at your next social- you won't regret it.

1 package reduced fat Oreos
8 ounce light or fat-free cream cheese (regular is too greasy)
14 Andes Mints
1 (11.5 ounce) chocolate chips - white or semisweet

In a food processor or by hand, smash the Oreos and Andes into fine bits. Place wax paper on baking sheet and make room in the freezer!

In a large bowl, mix the Oreo/Andes with the cream cheese. Wear a plastic glove if it helps keep it from sticking! Roll into small balls. These suckers are rich so don't make them too big. Line them on the baking sheet and allow to sit in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

Fill a medium sized bowl with water and ice. Melt the chocolate chips (microwave carefully or double boiler). Set up your station with the ice water, melted chocolate, and another plate lined with wax paper. It's like the cake drop production line.

Insert a toothpick into the frozen oreo ball and dip into melted chocolate. Rotate evenly to allow excess chocolate off. Dip into ice water for a few seconds, until chocolate hardens. Gently pull out toothpick. Place on lined plate. Repeat until all are done. I find it's easier to add the dipped balls in batches as I go. This will help prevent melting.

Serve. I prefer to fill a larger bowl with ice and then place a smaller serving bowl inside. Again, this is to make sure they do not melt.